Detox Made Safe and Simple | The Dr. Oz Show

Since we are detoxing for the next couple of days, here is an article from the Dr Oz show about why we should detox, what the side effects of detox can be and how to look for them and how to assist in preventing uncomfortable side effects of detox.



Detox Made Safe and Simple | The Dr. Oz Show.


2 thoughts on “Detox Made Safe and Simple | The Dr. Oz Show

  1. I don’t get this detox idea. If you eat healthy food on a daily basis, then you’re already constantly detoxing anyway. If you don’t put toxins into your body, then there’s no need to detox, but who is putting toxins into his/her body on purpose?

    Are we talking about the pollution in the air and water that we can’t avoid? Well, the human race is probably basically just doomed as far as that is concerned, so I don’t even worry about it.

    • Thanks for your comment. Sadly, I have not been eating healthy, but I am planning to get myself there. I am starting with the detox and the trying to minimize the amount of sugar and processed food and get myself to a more whole food, clean eating lifestyle. I have been riddled with depression for years and I am trying to cure it naturally, by changing the way I have been living. This blog is about my journey to change my life to a more wholesome living.

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