We are what we eat

Talk about a timely blog! This story is exactly what I needed today, the positive motivation I needed today, to continue my journey. I was just reading about sugar addiction and decided to go read a few blog posts instead and this is exactly what I needed. The whole idea of it taking 2 years for a transformation is a little disheartening! But, it is beautiful to know that I am indeed on the right path! I was planning to work on the diet next. I have had the nicotine out of my system for a week now, I added the supplements over a week ago and I am cleaning up this messy house and it has taken the edge off the depression. Diet and exercise are the next natural progression in a litany of natural things to try, to get this depression under control! I was actually thinking of doing a cleanse to get the new diet started. The sugary drinks are what scare me! I hate water! I can drink a lot of tea but I practically have sustained myself on Mt Dew and Newports for the past few years. Obviously it is not good for my health… My blood pressure is up, triglycerides through the roof (and I don’t really drink alcohol), low vitamin D, low HDL, borderline blood sugar, depression, IBS, Migraine, insomnia… It is time to get my life under control!!!

I have posted recipes that I plan to try and I really, really do plan to get the diet taken care of next, but I just had to share this story because it is helping solidify my resolve and move forward on this journey, is anyone going to take this journey with me?


A few months ago I loaned someone my car & it came back on empty, which wasn’t such an issue except I live out of town & the nearest petrol station was known for having poor fuel.  There wasn’t much of a choice otherwise I wouldn’t have made it further, so I put in the cheapest amount of diesel I needed to get to the next stop.

How many of us do this with our bodies on an ongoing basis? We often live such busy lives the thought of preparing every breakfast, lunch, dinner or for snacks, busy days, rushing about, is just too much & we grab a quick fix to get us through to the next quick fix & so on.  Occasionally we stop & put a little more effort in, yet how much is little effort? Do you read the labels, are you concerned about what goes…

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One thought on “We are what we eat

  1. Hi ‘Journey for control’ – thank you for the comments & repost 🙂 There were several things happening for me, the physical & the mental health stuff. The physical changes didn’t take long, the weight fell off once I cut out the addictive substances (also mind control substances). I had a big motivation at the time – which I believe is one of the hardest parts of making these type of changes. Staying positive is also hard, particularly if you are on your own or around people are not supportive or tend to inadvertently sabotage your efforts due to their own discomfort & uncertainty of what will happen when you change.
    Stay strong, stay well & keep trying things until something clicks & works & then put that in your bag of tricks & keep going. I know certain things don’t work for me, I’m not a fan of push ups, yet I’ll push weights til the cows come home , so why do something purely when it will zap my motivation & reduce my workout time?
    Food is no different – you say you are not keen on water – find what are the healthy alternatives & find what works for you or make a commitment to drink at least a certain amount of water per day. I’ve never been a smoker, so I don’t have that tug at my brain or body, that must be so hard for you.
    I’m from a family of sociable drinkers & a society known for it’s social & binge drinking, particularly when going through lots of stress it was hard not to lean on that all the time.
    I gave up sugary drinks after a while, once I looked into what they contained & I educated myself more & more about what was in food, it turned me right off things, particularly those foods/drinks with corn syrup, genetically modified junk for the body.
    With my kids – I have a list of their favourites & I don’t see the point in force feeding anyone things their mind has already decided it detests – work with your strengths, when you are strong & independent & going well, then tackle things which you may like to cook differently or try differently – eg I know most people don’t like brussel sprouts – then I read a recipe tossed in olive oil in a fry pan, with a few almonds, garlic & sprouts – so yum on the side of a good steak!
    Must go – have some study to catch up will write more soon take care 🙂

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