Feeling Blue? 7 Songs to Perk You Up

As you know, I have been an advocate of positive, uplifting music to assist us in our treatment of depression. I came across this post and it is true that there is so much power and motivation in classical music. I am not sure that these are the ones I would have picked, but to each their own, I may have to go back and look at some of my old favorites! Tchaicovsky has always been a favorite. Don’t forget to share your favorite uplifting songs with me!!!

The Three Year Plan

I’ll be honest: the last month has been pretty difficult for me. On top of the general stress of figuring out my own life and where I’m going and what the hell I’m doing, my mother seems to have had a crisis of her own. Naturally, her uncertainty spun out to take a toll on everyone in our little household. For my own sake, I had to call my doctor and ask to be put back on antidepressants. It felt something like defeat or regression to do so – I haven’t needed them for three years – but that’s the thing about mental health. You have to be vigilant, take care of yourself and if you need help then you should get it. But I digress.

My point is, for a while there, things were really difficult. And some days I had those ugly feelings that I just couldn’t shake…

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