Alternative Avenue: Acuppresure for Depression

Letting Go of Depression with acupressure and Deep Breathing

  1. Lie down on your back or sit comfortably, with your spine straight, and feet flat on the floor.

  2. Reach up toward the sky with both hands; take a deep breath, and as you hold your breath, make tight fists and squeeze, tightening all the muscles in your arms.

  3. Slowly exhale, tensing your arms, bringing your fists down, to your chest

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times.

  5. Now cross your arms in front of your chest, with your fingers touching the upper outside area of the chest, (acupressure point Lu 1 also known as Letting Go); your wrists cross at the center of your upper chest.

  6. Lower your chin toward your chest.

  7. Inhale four short breaths in a row (without exhaling) through your nose, filling your lungs completely on the fourth breath. Hold the breath for a few seconds with the chest full and expanded.

  8. Exhale slowly through your mouth.

  9. Repeat this exercise for two or three minutes, concentrating on the depth and rhythm of the breath.




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