Today I was Glass

Beautiful way to express the pain that is depression, feeling our defenses stripped away, stepping on the shattered pieces of glass trying to find shards that are big enough to put back together again, rarely finding anything more than more scars, new cuts, new shattered glass

Writings From The Raven's Desk


Broken into a thousand different ways today. I don’t know how else to write everything that is going on in my head. I just feel shattered, crumbled like soft soil, like silken sand that’s turned to ash burnt black from flame. You could take me in your grip and I wouldn’t stand a chance against your skin, against the cusp of your hand. I’d be putty in a potters palm, melt like candle wax against a wick.

My defenses have been torn down, one after the other, and I’m surrounded by a fire that is thrashing, trying to tear me down. I feel stripped, a tree without it’s bark. I am pulpy and bare, green and unevenly raw, exposed to the elements. The air is too much for my senses to handle, everything is too much.

Sometimes I am a child lost in the firey woods, trudging along, trying to…

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