Daily Dish: Getting more vitamin B6

Besides adding a B-complex supplement, we truly want to change our diet and get as much natural source vitamin as we can.

Ironically, some of the same sources of that folate we are looking for will provide us with B6.


Animal foods, such as meats, are rich in vitamin B6. 

  • 1/2 of a roasted chicken breast or a 4-oz. portion, meat only, provides .64mg.
  •   4-oz. serving of roasted turkey breast provides 0.54mg vitamin B6.
  •   4-oz. portion of cooked, lean pork loin provides 0.56 mg.

Beef is another good source of this B vitamin.

  •  3-oz. portion of cooked lean roast beef, eye of round, offers 0.32mg.
  •   4-oz. serving of venison, a very lean red game meat, provides 0.43mg.

Certain varieties of fish are particularly rich sources of vitamin B6.

  • A 4-oz. portion of baked or broiled Yellowfin tuna provides 1.18mg of vitamin B6,
  • Cod, Chinook salmon and snapper are also rich in this micronutrient. A 4-oz. portion of any of the three, baked or broiled, provides 0.52mg
  • 4-oz. serving of halibut, baked or broiled offers 0.45mg.
  • Rainbow trout is also among the vitamin B6-rich fish varieties. A 4-oz. portion, baked, offers nearly 0.39mg.

While animal foods are, in general, among the best food sources of this nutrient, certain plant-based foods are also particularly rich in vitamin B6. Bananas and avocados are two fruits that provide a substantial amount of this B vitamin. One medium-sized banana offers 0.68mg and one cup of avocado slices provides .41mg.

Boiled spinach and baked potatoes with skin are two vegetables that are excellent food B6 sources. One cup of boiled spinach offers 0.44mg and 1 medium sized baked potato with skin has 0.70mg, meeting 35 percent of the DV.

Other vegetarian food sources of vitamin B6 include legumes, such as beans and peas. A 1/2 cup canned garbanzo beans provides 0.57mg, while 1 cup cooked green peas has 0.35mg.

So, how about some B6-rich recipes next:




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