Taming the bedroom clutter

What is your bedroom used for? It is a place for sleeping, relaxing and dressing and should only house items related to these activities. It shouldn’t have things like ironing boards (they only remind you that you have work to do). Unused exercise equipment, well, we really need to recommit to exercise, but if you haven’t used that treadmill in a hundred years, get it out of your bedroom, where it will only remind you that you haven’t been exercising.

Now, let’s start with the easy stuff! Your bed, is your bed comfy, restful and relaxing? When you look at it, does it inspire thoughts of sleep and rest and relaxation? Does it have a 100 throw pillows that you need to move around before and after sleep?

1. Remove everything from the bedroom that doesn’t belong there.. Find what isn’t necessary in your sleeping space, and determine where it goes.  When was the last time you laundered your bedding? As a matter of fact, when was the last time you replaced it?

While we are on the subject of bedding, what color is your bedroom and bedding?
Green is a common color choice for bedrooms, as it elicits a sense of both calm and spaciousness. Green is also associated with nature, making it an ideal color choice for those who like to spend time outdoors. When choosing a green, remember that dark shades are difficult to paint with and are often far less effective than lighter shades of green. That said, greens that are particularly “limey” in shade should be avoided.

Blue is often used in bedrooms, and is prized for the tranquility and sense of relaxation it can provide. Blues can be tricky, however, as the wrong shade can come off as depressing or even suffocating. Generally, darker blues are avoided for this reason, as well as the fact that they are difficult to paint uniformly. When properly applied, a light blue can be very effective as a bedroom color, and can add a great sense of calm to your sleeping area.

Shades of red certainly have their place in the painting of bedrooms, and should be explored even by those who do not consider themselves to be adventurous. Red is typically tied to romance, and can be effective in creating a romantic environment in the bedroom. However, it can also be overdone if too dark a shade is used. If you are skeptical, use red with caution, and perhaps only as an accent color.

Many people choose to paint their bedrooms a neutral color such as white or off-white. While this is not necessarily risky, it can sometimes come off as boring. For white walls to work, you need to ensure they are properly accented with furniture, light fixtures and other highlights. Nevertheless, white is ideal for those who are striving for a modern look and feel, and it is easy to paint over if necessary.

In feng shui, pink is considered to be one of the best colors for the bedroom because it is the color associated with relationships. Pink is also thought of as an auspicious color combining the fire/ passion of red and the metal element of white. Pink represents love and pure feelings of joy, happiness, and romance.
I followed my own advice today, hence the reason I have been conspicuously absent. I garnered the support of my three teenage sons and we painted my entire bedroom… Pink! I chose pink for several reasons, it is supposed to be relaxing and associated with relationships (sticking with the law of attraction, I am trying to draw in the things I want, and banish those I don’t). Pink is also my favorite color. The shade I selected was heather, I will try and post some pictures tomorrow, but the accent wall is in chocolate. I won’t get into all the gory details of which treasured bedroom items are now paint stained.. but I handled it all in stride, remind me to be more selective with my help next time. Anyway, the room looks good. It’s happy. Yep, I said it, the room is happy, the color just looks happy, maybe slightly obnoxious, its  a little darker than pepto bismol. But, you know what? It makes me happy!
I went to Target this morning, selected some colors, picked up some new 300 count sheets and a pretty shabby chic comforter to match. We so rarely pamper ourselves when we are depressed.  Okay, it might appear as if that is all we do, when we are wallowing in it, but I mean, really pamper ourselves. Nothing says fresh start more than new linens and a fresh coat of paint.
We kind of went about it in a half-assed way, my 13 year old couldn’t wait to get started, so he just tore right in before we even moved a lick of furniture. Anyway, now the room is pink, the sheets are clean and there is clutter everywhere! But, I spent a good portion of time sorting. I made three piles, one to donate, one full of things to move to other rooms (remember if it doesn’t inspire rest and relaxation or getting dressed, out it goes!) and the final pile was just stuff that needed to be moved from one side of the room to the other. I am happy to report that I am half-way through the clutter that is my bedroom and I have removed three bags of trash and put two bags in the car for Goodwill. It is much easier when you have already made up your mind to just do it! I was in a de-clutter mood, so I was less attached to my shit. All of my dressers are cleaned out, my closet is half way done and there is a pile of shit that needs to be sorted and moved or removed in the middle of the floor.
What did I get out of this experience today? I spent some quality time with my kids, fooling around, talking and painting. Sadly, as the commercial grimly reports, depression does hurt everyone. I hate that my kids have to see me in this. Some days, they are the only reason I don’t just stop the pain once and for all. I know that they are learning from me. They are learning their coping skills from me, maybe its already done, maybe it doesn’t matter what I do at this point. But, I can hope. I can hope that they watch me suck it up and move, when I would rather put a bullet through my head. I can hope that they see me smile when I would rather cry. I can hope that they see me trying to pick myself back up, when life has knocked me on my ass. When they asked me why I was painting my room all of the sudden, my response was, “I have been feeling so bad lately, so sad, I thought maybe redoing my room would help pick me up.” I said it with as much heart as I could muster. I said it for them, I said it for me. Besides, the pink does make me happy, so much better than the plain old white walls I stare at day after day. It needs some touch ups, but you know what? It’s a project. I feel like I was productive today. Scaling furniture to reach the high spots was a work out. I was in the moment, I was in my room, with my boys, singing songs and laughing, painting and making a mess. For the first time in days, I wasn’t inside my own head. That in and of itself was an accomplishment. Since I am usually an all or nothing kind of girl, the big mess in the middle of the room will wake me in the morning and draw me out of bed until its cleaned up. When it’s done, I will have felt productive. When it’s done, I will drive to the Goodwill and feel good about donating to those in need. When it is done, I will look around and see pink and it will make me happy. When I open my eyes in the morning, I will see my favorite color and it will make me happy. So, what did I get out of today’s production? A whole lot. For a moment in time, I wasn’t in pain. I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t inside my head. For a few hours today, I was happy. For a few hours today, I kicked depression’s ASS and, it felt good. When I log off this computer tonight and lay down in my freshly laundered, brand new sheets and comforter, I will feel good. When I lay down, I will sleep tonight, from exhaustion and satisfaction. I got a whole lot from this experience today. When I am done tomorrow, I can look around the room and not feel cluttered. I re-arranged my furniture and  there is more wide open space and it feels nice. It will feel nicer when it’s done, but I am actually looking forward to the work tomorrow.
I am also happy to report that my on-again, off-again relationship probably ended tonight, and I am ok. I am not saying that I am happy that it is over, quite the contrary, I am saying that I am happy that I feel ok. It might be a short-lived feeling. It might be that I am too distracted over the satisfaction of being productive today. It might be that I am just too exhausted to feel it right now. I don’t know for sure. Now that I mention it, I can feel a little tightness in my chest over it, and I may actually cry a little tonight before I sleep. But for the first time in a very long time, I am not devastated. I am not going to die because this relationship may have run its course. God knows that it takes a strong man to love a broken woman, especially one as fucked up as I am. I think its ridiculous to break up over a cigarette. But, you know what, when I started smoking again yesterday, while I was wallowing in my misery, I knew he would leave me if he caught me and he is true to his word. He said no more chances and that depression is just an excuse for bad behavior. Maybe he is right. Maybe.  I told him that I love him. I told him that I appreciate everything he has given me and my boys. I told him today was a new day and I was stronger today and I would try to be even stronger tomorrow, but I can’t promise I won’t make a mistake again. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t lie. I smoked a cigarette instead of putting a bullet to my head. In his eyes, that is a sin. He has made that clear. I made my choice. He will have to make his. It might be harder tomorrow. I might be devastated tomorrow. But today, my walls are pink, my sheets are clean, my children had smiles on their faces. Tonight, I will sleep. I will sleep in brand new sheets in my happy pink room and I will sleep from exhaustion, not exhaustion from fighting insomnia for days on end. Not exhaustion from crying for days on end. I will not sleep because I took a pill. I will not sleep from taking a combination of pills that I pray will not be fatal, (Or do I pray they will be?) Tonight, I will sleep from physical exhaustion and mental relief. Mental relief because I was productive today, because I am eliminating clutter, because I kicked depression’s ASS today and I want to wake up tomorrow and do it again!
I am inspired! Clean your room. Maybe you will feel inspired too!

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