Yoga for Depression

So far, we have learned 7 simple yoga poses to begin our practice and carve a path towards healing our depression. The simple idea of movement and concentrating on the poses is good for us. So, we haven’t done anything to harsh, simple, slow, calming stretches that activate our core and get us out of bed, even if only for a simple time.

Today, go ahead and practice the same seven moves but today we are going to change our focus a little to the ABCs of Yoga.

  • Awareness
  • Breathing
  • Concentration

Awareness benefits you physically and emotionally. As you move into different postures, try to pay attention to how your limbs and muscles react. If you feel pain, of course, you should stop. Awareness is more than just noticing if something hurts, however. As you settle into a posture, take a slow inventory of your body, starting with your feet. How do they feel? Move up through the body, paying close attention to what is happening to each part. When you finish the physical inventory, do a mental one. How do you feel emotionally? Are you tense or relaxed? Do your feelings change as you hold the position?

Breathing is critical to yoga. How you breathe is much more important than your ability to touch your toes to your ear. Each inhalation should expand both the belly and the chest—not only does this maximize the oxygen you receive, but it also helps you relax into each posture. Breathe out naturally, not forcefully. You may have a tendency to hold your breath while moving from one position to another; try to become aware of this, and make sure to keep your breathing consistent.

Concentration is practically a necessity to a good solid yoga practice. Focus attention on correct form, balance and breathing. At times you may also need to concentrate on an external point to maintain balance; cultivating this skill is a wonderful way to keep yourself emotionally balanced, too.




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