Nutritional Deficiencies and Depression

We already talked about nutritional deficiencies and depression. The more I research, the more I am convinced that our diets high in processed foot, unsaturated fat and laden with refined sugar is causing our woes. I have added some supplements to my diet. It’s been almost a week now and I feel that despite my recent relationship woes, I am starting to feel slightly better. In case you are new to my posts, I have added a prenatal multi-vitamin (I am not pregnant, but prenatals have the best dosages of b vitamins commonly deficient in depression), a triple omega complex (fish oil), a b-complex, 1000IU of D3 (which I have a known deficiency), 250 mg of magnesium (to aid my restless leg syndrome) and melatonin at night,

Several of the sources I have read mentioned these nutrients as key components in stabilizing mood. However, a deficiency of any single nutrient can alter brain function and lead to depression. At this juncture, I would like to reiterate that I am not a nutritionist or physician. I am merely someone who is tired of suffering from depression and has decided to research the causes of depression and try to get mine under control.

With that said, in the past week, with supplementation, I have actually started to feel better. I am still taking my cymbalta, of course, but I feel a little less heavy. If you suffer from depression, I am sure you know what I mean when I say, I am less heavy.

Now in earlier posts, I discussed how to add these vital nutrients to our diet naturally, but a little supplementation couldn’t hurt, right? I have already seen the difference! I can’t imagine how much better I may actually feel when I stop smoking and start eating right.

So, if you are like me, and you want to kick some depression ass, then consider taking some dietary supplements. What can it hurt? I am not asking you to overdose, just take a multi-vitamin and see what difference it can make in your life.

I will dig a little deeper into several critical nutrients in some up coming articles!


One thought on “Nutritional Deficiencies and Depression

  1. I tried taking a triple omega complex supplement for depression and, sadly, all it seemed to do was lead to weight gain. This was just over two years ago when although still quite depressed I was very fit and much lighter (I celebrated my 40th birthday by running my first half marathon). I agree with your reiterated statement that the best antidepressant is exercise. I used to live for what I called ‘running zen state’ – that zone your mind enters after the first few kilometres! Sadly, four months later I tore my left Achilles tendon, which interrupted my training regime. I also kicked up my business efforts, which meant that now, two years later, I have become quite overweight, unfit and … you guessed it! …. still depressed. However, there is light at the end of this tunnel: as a friend said recently, “an inner determination to pull through even when [my] illness becomes unbearable”. Sometimes the will is mightier than the brain.

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