Got Bedroom Clutter?

Are You Hiding Under Your Bed Covers in the Morning so You Don’t Have to Face Your Bedroom Clutter?

Waking up to chaos and clutter can instantly drain you of your energy and put your spirit in a foul mood, even causing you to become depressed. Traditionally a master bedroom is considered and used as a place of rest, a place to become calm, unwind, sleep and be intimate. A cluttered master bedroom can be chaotic and stressful.When looking around your master bedroom make sure what you are seeing promotes the quality and feeling of the life you are “dreaming” of. Play around with colors, smells, shapes, and textures until the desired result is achieved.

Are you a consummate collector? Are the stray items in your bedroom overrunning the surfaces of dressers? If your closet is exploding and you trip over your shoes on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it’s probably time for a seasonal bedroom declutter session. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and a tidy space will help you enjoy this sweet oasis.

We spend at least 1/3 of our life in this room, maybe more if you stay in bed with depression. This room is supposed to be your private sanctuary, a place where you rest and become revived. If your bedroom is the hub of your life (Like mine) it is a mess! I have half my bed filled with books, tissues, pends, magazines and things I want to reach easily. The table next to my bed is covered with medicine, empty glasses, silverware. There are clothes and shoes everywhere.

Experts agree that a chaos and cluttered room can cause restless sleep. It can actually be harder to get a good night sleep when you are surrounded by clutter.

So, its a Sunday, let’s get in that cluttered bedroom and see what a difference we can make! If we can declutter just this one room today, maybe we can have some restful sleep tonight! What do you think? Forget it, don’t even think about it, Just get up and do it. I know, you are depressed and you don’t want to do anything…. DO IT ANYWAY! It will make us feel better in many ways, it will make us feel productive, it will help us sleep better because we got some movement in our lives today and because our mind will feel more at peace when we lay down in our new clutter free room!

What did you have planned for today anyway? Laying in your bed, moping around, reading and blogging? NOPE! Today we are going to DECLUTTER OUR BEDROOMS! Go Grab some cleaning supplies, trash bags and some bags or boxes to sort through some of your shit!





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