Alternative Arena: Massage for Depression

I have been talking this week about the benefits of therapeutic massage for depression. As I scour the web, I have come across various studies and theories about massage being good for depression. Some articles say that therapeutic massage can relieve symptoms of depression, some articles talk about relieving anxiety, some just say that human touch is essential. Regardless of the premise of the article, many believe that massage can benefit the depressed patient. I have highlighted a few more articles for your to review on depression and massage if you still need to be convinced, I have long thought of massage as an essential part of my routine.

I already talked about finding those massage schools in your area, if you cant afford regular massages from a professional. The students have completed all their required course work, they just require enough hours of hands on massage experience before they can get their license. I promise it will still be an amazing massage.

Come back tomorrow when we talk about self massage for depression.


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