So many of us are struggling with this disease. Everyday, I share with you another blog post showing how deeply someone is struggling with finding their way out of the darkness….. I truly believe we can all find our way out, if we help each other and we change the way we think about things and the way we eat… it can’t hurt to try, can it?


You would think that I would grow used to this feeling, to being unable to escape my own mind. You would think that I would not be affected by it the way I used to. You would think that I’d have built up some immunity to depression over the years I’ve been dealing with it.

You would be wrong.

Even after all this time, it still steals the breath from my lungs and the smile from my lips. It still steals the strength from my muscles and the spring from my steps. It still steals the shine from my eyes and the focus from my mind.

My depression is a thief, and a clever one at that.

My depression knows when to strike, what to say, who to target, why I should listen, and how it will destroy me all over again.

Maybe I wouldn’t have fallen too hard this…

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