Exciting News: The fog is lifting, something is working!!

Good Morning fellow bloggers! I have some very, very exciting news to report this morning. First of all let me say that I woke up with a cold (Stuffy nose, sore throat and the whole bit.) BUT, besides the pain in the ass that is a summer cold, I feel a little bit like the fog is lifting. The fact that I Can feel the fog lifting a little while still feeling like shit physically means the fog must really be lifting!!

So let’s take a look at what could be causing this better feeling today, not completely great, not better, not healthy and like I got my shit all together but something is different!  First of all, I am fairly certain that my recent bout with a cold is because I wore my immune system down. I stayed up for almost 80 hours with insomnia and had that not happened, I think I would be feeling tremendous today.

I would also like to mention that I neglected to take my antidepressant yesterday, not because I didn’t want to take it, just the fog and confusion of finally sleeping after days of insomnia.

Let’s get to it already you say? I am seriously going to attribute the fog lifting to the supplements I have been taking. My 4 day bout of insomnia followed by crashing for almost 48 hours has prevented me from following the diet and exercise regiment.

So, with all that said, I think I can attribute this better feeling today to the supplements alone.

If you missed my post on supplements, I will repost here:

I studied what all the experts recommended for supplementation of a depressed person and came up with the following:

  • Fish Oil (7:1 EPA:DHA) Which I found difficult to navigate. So, I am taking a Triple Omega Complex that contains fish oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil
  • Multi Vitamin – I am taking a prenatal multi because it contains higher levels of those key nutrients recommended for women
  • B-100 complex, which boosts all my B vitamins and folic acid (Huge if you are depressed)
  • D3 vitamin – (10000IU)
  • Magnesium (320-420mg) the one I am taking is only 250 mg (Because I forgot my list when I was at the store, but I could take two of these)
  • Chromium Picolinate (200-600 mcg) – I am NOT taking this one yet, because(See above) I forgot my list

SO with that said, I am basically taking a fish oil supplement, a pre-natal vitamin, a B complex, magnesium and D and I am feeling better. Not 100 %, but I am feeling better, even with the awful cold I have going on. So something is helping!!

I haven’t strictly stuck with the diet I have been posting, mostly because I slept for the past two days, lol, and as for the workout, well, I have been doing that, but I enjoy a much stricter yoga practice, so I don’t think the few moves we have been practicing recently have helped all that much yet.

I slept through the day yesterday and missed out on my weekly massage ;(


Oh this is such an exciting development! I hope some of you have been taking the supplements too, or at least following the food plan or workout. Please come back and tell me how its working!


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