“Because that’s…

I am sharing this blog post of someone else because the verbalized what I was thinking of writing about earlier. I think we start to become comfortable in our agony, because it is familiar, because it gives us an excuse for feeling bad or behaving badly. Some of us actually feel bored when we feel good, there is no chaos, no stress, nothing for us to fix, no one to rescue. The status quo, and just living in the moment is difficult to comprehend. We don’t want to feel nothing, so we would rather feel the pain that is the depression. Do you agree with this? SHare your thoughts. I know there are times when my life is going okay, just okay, no depression but no high, no elation, I miss the extremeness of the depression. Maybe I would be happy at the other extreme, alas, I have never felt such a high. But when one thing goes wrong, when one card slips out of place and chaos ensues, there is a rush, something washes over me, a familiar feeling of stress, chaos, pain, excitement…. I feel Alive.


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