Daily Dish: Stocking our Pantry

OKay, I was knocked out cold yesterday and I didn’t come back to give you all the day 2 menu that I promised. Did anyone try the first day’s menu?

Let’s try this a different way… Here is a list of things I am stocking up on, mostly because they provide the nutrients that are supposed to help beat depression. Then, I will come back and give you all a few recipes to choose from, using these key ingredients. As promised, we are going to keep the first week no-cook. Next week, we will start cooking a little bit, because we should be feeling better after adding some key nutrients back into our diet. By the way, did any of you get the recommended supplements filled?


So here is our stock up list, based on the nutrients that our body needs to get out of depression

Produce                       Dairy                                   Nuts/Grains                               Other

carrots                          cheese                                 flax seeds                                 Flax seed oil

celery                            goat cheese                        cashews                                    Almond Butter

tomatoes                     cottage cheese                    peanuts                                    green tea

cucumbers                   ricotta cheese                     walnuts                                    oolong tea

leafy greens                 Greek Yogurt                       cashews                                    red wine vinegar

Shitake mushrooms                                                  brazil nuts                                olives

broccoli                        Soy Milk                                  oats                                           tuna

radishes                        Almond Milk                         wheat germ

banana                                                                         whole grain bread

grapefruit                                                                     pine nuts

kiwi fruit                                                                        soy beans

apples                                                                           sea weed

oranges                                                                         brown rice

dates                                                                              sunflower seeds

mangoes                                                                         almonds

cabbage                                                                         walnuts



Seasonal berries


Someone once told me that if you are shopping for healthy food, you will never leave the outer aisles. You will shop mostly around the outside aisles of the store. While stocking up on depresion-kicking groceries, I noticed that I only left the out edges of the aisle twice, once to go find flax seed oil in the baking section and once to head down the frozen food section because I wanted some berries that were not in season.

With that said, I am NOT a vegetarian. The reason you only see tuna on this list is because we are shooing for the no-cook diet right now, while we are in the deepest depths of depression. This will ensure the greatest chance for success! We can still eat healthy while barely leaving the bed. Of course, ideally, the goal is to get out of bed, but in order to be successful, I want to be realistic about what we can do when we are feeling our absolute worst! Maybe if we get the right nutrients, do a little mattress yoga and pick up a little here and there, we will start to feel better enough to get out of bed next week and start cooking. baby steps, this program is all about baby steps.


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