Daily Discipline

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling motivated? Do you think you have the energy to get up and do just one task?

What if we set a timer and do one simple task until the timer ends? Do you think you can do that?

Today’s challenge over at UFYH is

Challenge: Unfuck Your Fridge

Throw away anything expired or gross (pay special attention to condiments), wipe down all shelves and surfaces (hot water and vinegar works well and is safe for around food), the replace everything neatly. Don’t forget about the rubber seals around the door that can collect extra crud.

Today’s challenge over at Fly lady is also in the kitchen:
Zone 2: Mission # 2 Tuesday

Back to the kitchen we go! Your mission for today is to wipe down the doors of your cabinets. Use a damp rag and wipe down the fronts and the edges of your cabinets. This is really a simple thing to do but we have a tendency to ignore the cabinets because there is always so much more going on in the kitchen. Finger prints and grease attach themselves to the cabinets and make them a little sticky. A good wipe down will make such a difference. Remember we are taking babysteps!!! Small little missions that add up to a shiny kitchen.


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