Musical Medicine 9-9-13

Yesterday, I talked a little about music and how I truly believe that music can alter our moods… I recently created a “Happy” Playlist to see if I could lift my spirits, while in this current slum. Today’s selection is an older but always in style song by Bobby McFerrin. You almost can’t help but sing along and if you are singing the words, you can’t help but smile! In my opinion, this is a must song for every person with depression and anxiety.


Don’t Worry Be Happy


I would really like it if you comment with some of your favorites. My list is quite extensive, but it surely will not last forever 😉


One thought on “Musical Medicine 9-9-13

  1. Whitney Houston ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ Stevie Wonder ‘signed sealed, delivered’ and Bob Marley ‘3 little birds’ are a couple in my feel good song lists x

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