Eating at the wrong times tied to negative effects on our bodies

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Why eating at the wrong times is tied to such profound and negative effects on our bodies

Upon identifying the key genes that synchronize organisms’ behavior and bodily functions with the Earth’s rotation, Takahashi and others began finding clock genes expressed in nearly every tissue of the body.

Taking a closer look at the genes whose expression can be impacted by mistimed eating, Panda has found impacts on glucose metabolism, fatty acid synthesis and breakdown, cholesterol production, and liver function.

In the gut, for instance, intestinal motility and absorption differ depending on the time of day.

research on humans implicate the timing of eating as an important factor in maintaining energy balance and good health.

…affronts to our normal circadian cycles may affect the way we process food.

…our metabolisms are primed by the circadian machinery written in our genes, and that discord between the two…

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