Daily Dose of Exercise

Yesterday, I posted about the benefits of yoga for patients with depression and anxiety. I also said, if you are new to Yoga, ease yourself into it and try to add one new pose at a time. Today, we are going to do the simplest move of all, the child’s pose. Image

That’s it! Simple, right!? Get yourself in this position and just relax, take a deep breath…2……3 and out ….2…..3…. That was simple! Hold the pose for 5 minutes or so and feel good!  Many yoga practices use this move frequently, between moves, its kind of like your yoga wasabi.

Now, take it easy on yourself, if you are not feeling good today, and dont want to get out of the bed, just push your pillows and blankets aside and do it right there on your mattress.


Ah….. Now, sweet dreams!!!!!







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