My Life has become unmanageable

My life has become unmanageable. My personal relationships are in shambles, my house is a trash heap, my teenage sons are running their own lives, my professional life… well, I am not even sure I want to go there! I am about 50 pounds over weight, I can’t sleep, I eat maybe once a day and keep gaining weight…. My life is for lack of any better term, unmanageable. I am trying to get it together! I need to get myself out of this depression and find a way to get control back. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually had full control. My life is a ridiculous catastrophy right now and I need to get it together! Follow me as I try to get control of the clutter, dig my way out of depression, lose 50 pounds, design more meaningful relationships, get control of my teenage sons, clean up this mess and so much more!


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