Suicide Prevention Awareness Week

Depression is very real! So many of us suffer in silence because those we love dont understand and those who love us, just want us to snap out of it. Maybe we cant make all the pain go away, but lets shine the light on stopping the stigma associated with depression. It is not a weakness, it is not a choice. It is a searing, overwhelming consuming lack of light in your life. A darkness so dark that some of lose hope looking for the light.


Suicide Prevention Awareness Week

Suicide has affected so many people I know including my Uncle who committed suicide when I was a young girl. I remember the day as clear as anything and I was around the age of eight. My dad and I arrived home to a police officer standing in our driveway. I remember being excited because I always loved watching the show COPS as a young kid and thought something really cool was about to happen! My dad did not have the same expression of excitement, I’m sure. He was there to tell us that my dad’s youngest brother had shot himself and we needed to tell my Grandmother, (La La.) My father called my Grandmother and explained that she needed to come home and help him babysit me because he was not feeling well. She was like a mother to me and rushed home only to find out that her…

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