Meaningful Relationships

I saw these on my reader, and it relates to what I posted early about relationships and depression. It is difficult to have a meaningful relationship with someone else when we dont have ourselves together. It is hard on us, and those we are in a relationship. It is possible that some relationships grow together, and emerge from the darkness hand in hand, but I think this is the exception… It truly does mean for better or worse if your loved one can standby you when you are drowning in depression and deep in the depths of hopelessness and despair!

MIs it possible to have a meaningful intimate relationship with someone if you do not know how to relate to yourself? Personally I don’t think it is. I love these words of wisdom from an author that I unfortunately do not know the name of – I found the quote in an old notebook of mine.

“Most people in our society share a peculiar belief: We imagine that we should be able to establish a rich and satisfying relationship with someone we love even if we have never learned to relate to ourselves in a rich, satisfying way. We imagine that a successful relationship largely depends on finding the right person and doing the right things. We often don’t see that how we relate to another is an expression of how we relate to ourselves, that our outer relationships are but an extension of our inner life, that we can only be as open and present…

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